Simple & FREE Ways You Can Make A Difference

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Why “mokol”? It’s simple: FREE and practical ways each of us can be green – together we can make a big difference.

“A good idea making it easier to be green, with a simple way to show my friends that I’m being greener. Thanks” – Kathy, Oxfordshire     Tell use what you think…

mokol reuse

REUSE OF PACKAGING: it’s greener and saves money, and with “mokol” you’re sharing your positive difference for others to copy.

Mokol makes your email greener: “ – don’t print, less trees, more cool, more green : rebalance your Facebook!”     Get green email now…

mokol rebalance

REBALANCING EMISSIONS: it’s quick, we’ll rebalance your Facebook or website with certified carbon offsets. Oh, and it’s FREE!