Reuse Packaging

mokol reuse

Reusing packaging is an obvious and good way to be greener. So why do we sometimes forget, feel compelled to use new packaging to ‘look better’, or throw packaging away or put it out for recycling too soon?

With “mokol” on it your telling your recipient that you’ve remembered to be green, and so should they. It highlights the awareness and acts as a strong reminder to keep the box for another use.

We recommend you reuse your eBay packaging, and even your Starbucks cup sleeves with your coffee.

Recycling is considered good practice: according to the Environmental Defense Fund ( recycled paper requires 60% of the carbon dioxide equivalent emissions in its production compared to new paper – a 40% saving. That’s good, but let’s shout about the reuse step before.

We even encourage businesses to take a lead, stamp their new packaging with “mokol” to kick-start the reuse process, as a positive to their customers. Reusing envelopes for internal mail is a good way to reuse paper in an office.

Cost: nothing, saves you money. Benefit: highlights ability to reuse.

Tell us your thoughts on reuse of packaging at home or in the office…

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