Paper Recycling Vs Manufacture

Did you know?…

The manufacturing processes for making new paper from raw materials the the process for recycling used paper emit approximately the same amount of carbon dioxide.

The key difference is that recycled paper prevents the old waste paper from being put in landfills, which degrades and produces potent greenhouse gases (mainly methane), and take up scare space. Where it goes is as important as what we do with it.


CD packaging on eBay

If, like me, you buy or sell any CDs on eBay, then here’s a guide to making sure your CDs arrive safely.

  • A hard outer layer : a reused CD specific envelope, or box/folded card
  • Write “mokol” on the outside : tell the recipient why you’ve reused old packaging (even if you have used new, “mokol” should be the prompt that is cool to reuse the packaging again, and again)
  • A soft inner cushion : reused bubble wrap, or tissue paper/soft filler
  • A little soft filler inside the jewel case : this is important to avoid the CD being depressed in transit, causing damage to the inner hub spokes/prongs and potentially damaging the tray (nothing more annoying than the CD “falling out”).

Happy CD listening, greener.


Starbuck score of 12

I’m a fan of Starbucks, and frankly it tastes better, stays hotter longer, and is more practical to get on the move, in a take-away cup.

Leaving the cup itself aside for now, I “get through” a lot of sleeve holders, so time for corrective action: reuse them. Prise the holder off the cup when finished – the glue is designed to melt and ‘grip’ the cup, so a mini-battle to remove it. But a battle worth fighting, as I then store the holder in my laptop bag.

I’ve often got a bunch of holders in the bag – a result of over-quick baristas putting new holders on – so I tend to have a supply, or even drop some back on the counter “in exchange”. Reusing the holder is a simple process (the sleeve made from recycled material, so extending the green theme): remove it; store it; reapply it; repeat.

My record so far 12, which I’m sure I can and will beat.

An obvious word of warning here that the holder itself is designed to handle hot temperature of the coffee – particularly in my “extra hot, extra wet, soya latte – so it goes without saying (I hope) that the holder shouldn’t be reused to the point of not functioning as it should, and your green side being replaced by a red scalded side.

Happy coffee drinking, greener.