Starbuck score of 12

I’m a fan of Starbucks, and frankly it tastes better, stays hotter longer, and is more practical to get on the move, in a take-away cup.

Leaving the cup itself aside for now, I “get through” a lot of sleeve holders, so time for corrective action: reuse them. Prise the holder off the cup when finished – the glue is designed to melt and ‘grip’ the cup, so a mini-battle to remove it. But a battle worth fighting, as I then store the holder in my laptop bag.

I’ve often got a bunch of holders in the bag – a result of over-quick baristas putting new holders on – so I tend to have a supply, or even drop some back on the counter “in exchange”. Reusing the holder is a simple process (the sleeve made from recycled material, so extending the green theme): remove it; store it; reapply it; repeat.

My record so far 12, which I’m sure I can and will beat.

An obvious word of warning here that the holder itself is designed to handle hot temperature of the coffee – particularly in my “extra hot, extra wet, soya latte – so it goes without saying (I hope) that the holder shouldn’t be reused to the point of not functioning as it should, and your green side being replaced by a red scalded side.

Happy coffee drinking, greener.