Reuse eBay Packaging RG

mokol eBay reuse packagingReuse packaging on eBay items you receive. Carefully remove all packaging (boxes, cardboard, bubble wrap, envelopes), store it away, and then reuse it to wrap your sold eBay items. Don’t throw away those Amazon boxes – reuse them for your eBaying.

Here’s the twist – write “mokol” on the outside of the package to show the Buyer that you care and you are reusing packaging. No need to worry that it won’t look its best. Instead you’re showing you care and that you “saved another box”. That will look better than a fresh new box, plus make you and the recipient feel better.

And by using the “mokol” mark you are reminding and encouraging others to Reuse.

Cost: nothing, saves you money. Benefit: highlights ability to reuse.

When you have, leave a comment below and tell us. Or if you’ve just received packaging with “mokol” on it, tell us what you think?…

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