Rebalance Your Google Searches

mokol google rebalance

We all use Google.

Each search results in the emission of 0.2g of CO2 according to Google’s own figures.

If you made 6 searches every working day (1,345 searches per year) you’ll be causing Google to produce emissions, but we’ll offset the 269 grams of equivalent CO2 emissions when you use “mokol”.

All you have to do is share “mokol”, adding us to your Google+ profile, and then notify us by telling us below – we’ll offset your searching for FREE for a year!

Google’s carbon footprint is about 1.5 million tonnes of carbon per year, five times that of Facebook. Google says its operations are made carbon neutral by purchasing and generating renewable energy, as well as buying carbon offsets.

So why use “mokol’ to offset? Because you can. You can, and should, and feel better that by searching you’re being positive.

Remember to comment on this page, once you’ve told us then we’ll set aside offsets for a year

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