Mokol Carbon Offsets

Mokol uses sponsors’ money to fund carbon offset projects, and that’s how we can offer carbon offsets to rebalance your online footprint. To you, they’re FREE.

We don’t campaign or try to convince you of an ability to correct the amount of greenhouse gases in the upper atmosphere to fix global warming. We don’t think taking extreme sides is helpful in the ‘green debate’. However clearly the speed of change on the Earth from modern human impact is something we all struggle with – and will pass on to future generations – and we all should do something to address.

From an individual perspective, without any doubt the flagrant consumption and travel of modern life needs tempering: we tell our children not to litter, so we should all do more to care, and do more to show more care. You can, with “mokol”.

No, offsetting isn’t precise. We can’t guarantee to offset the exact gram equivalent of CO2 emissions, to ensure you are carbon neutral. But does it matter? We don’t believe it does, and what is important is to be actively considerate and proactive in doing SOMETHING positive to rebalance your carbon footprint.

Offsets aim to balance greenhouse gas accumulation measured in Carbon Dioxide Equivalent emissions. While science compares production and recycling processes, these remain technical measures, with assumptions and uncertainties. Offsets aren’t necessarily precise in the actual amounts of their maturity and fruition. Fundamentally however they are a step in the right direction, when there is a need to be positive – and there isn’t yet a better alternative.

So after reducing, reusing, recycling, then – and only then – we offer rebalancing of carbon emissions. And we’ve selected the best carbon offsets available.

We’ve chosen to offset in The CarbonNeutral Company’s Unity Portfolio: a portfolio of Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) from resource conservation schemes and including energy efficiency, methane recovery and low carbon fuel switches. The principle of which is to minimise CO2 emissions by re-engineering and rethinking incumbent activities reliant on traditional infrastructure. The offsets are additional and seek to change the way people live. The owner of “mokol” Cressive made the original investment in offsets that are offered by “mokol”. The CarbonNeutral Company are a market leader with an outstanding quality assurance programme.

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