Rebalance Emissions

mokol rebalance

After Reuse, when your “personal green regime” has done its best to reduce waste and recycling, the next step is to rebalance emissions where possible.

No, rebalancing does not provide an excuse for increasing unnecessary consumption or emissions, but it can and should provide a way to offset the inevitable and unavoidable damage done.

We use professional trusted certified and verified carbon offsets, funded by organisations keen to associate themselves with greener operations: they want to show you they care. We acquire offsets in bulk and then offer portions of them to align with and rebalance your online activity, in Facebook or running a website.

Cost: nothing, offsets are funded by Sponsors. Benefit: rebalances emissions from online activity.

Rebalance today with Facebook and Twitter offsets, or offset your own website. Put “mokol” on them. Or tell us what you think is a better way.

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