Reuse Your Starbucks Coffee Holder

mokol Starbucks reuse holdersMany of us get our morning coffee (yes, we’re addicted) in a take away cup with a cup holder sleeve to help hold it – even if you’re sitting at Starbucks choosing a take-away cup over a mug means it stays hotter longer.

Starbucks use recycled card for the holder, but you can do even better by reusing the sleeve: remove the sleeve carefully (glue designed to stick the holder from the heat of the coffee, it’ll need prising off), keep it in your bag, and reuse it. Next time, if the barista is too quick in giving you a new holder, then take out the old from your bag, and leave it for the next person – sharing the “mokol” word at the same time.

Obviously be careful and don’t reuse it to the point of it failing (der) – but one holder per cup, that’s nuts.

And let’s have some fun with this: set the record for the most reuses of a holder (chalk ’em up on the side), and let’s see how far a “mokol” marked Starbucks cup holder can travel! Tell us below…

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