Offset Your Website

mokol websites rebalance

Rebalance your own website, make it green by offsetting its annual emissions, by linking with “mokol” and joining the “mokol” green community – for FREE!

It’s that easy, it’s that simple, it’s that quick. Put “mokol” on your site, or blog – place the “mokol” logo with pride on your site and tell your customers and readers that you care.

We will rebalance your site for FREE, with carbon offsets to the equivalent of 269g of CO2 – or about 3,000 visits per year (based on the unilateral serving of webpages via your hosting company; “mokol” calculations benchmarked against both Google and Facebook official emissions stats).

Show you care by placing “mokol” on your website or blog, and help spread the green community word.

Tell us below that you’ve linked and joined – your website will be greener.

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