Why “mokol”?

mokol 4 ways to share

It’s our solution. It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s FREE, and we want to share with you.

We were frustrated by a lack of practical things each of us could do to be greener on a daily basis – and even if we did do something, it made no difference when no one else did. So…

“Mokol” makes it easier to be green, with personal practical steps that when shared add up to something big: take part and help us create the “mokol” community.

We don’t believe we should stop living to the full, but modern travel and consumption can’t go unchecked – all of us need to do something, and start doing it now.

We want to drink at Starbucks, and fly to New York, we want to live – but more considerately. We already do more online, use email, eBay, Google and Facebook – but we can, and should, moderate and balance it. All. Making it more sustainable.

Reusing packaging is so simple it’s obvious, isn’t it? If you do it, and we all show we’re doing it, it will be more obvious, to everyone, and we’ll all do it more.

Carbon offsets are not the solution, but they must be part of the answer – but not as a ‘green tax’, it hasn’t worked. Instead our offsets are FREE, someone else pays.

We extend the mantra of: REDUCE > REUSE > RECYCLE, adding REVIEW > REBALANCE > REPEAT : “Mokol”, is more cool, greener.

So reuse packaging, including eBay packaging and Starbuck coffee holders: highlight the fact you’re reusing by marking them “mokol”, show others you care, and encourage others to do the same. All together we can make a big difference.

And rebalance your online footprint by offsetting your Facebook account or your website: add the “mokol” logo to your page or site, and we’ll use our sponsors funds to pay for carbon offsets, rebalancing your carbon emissions, for FREE.

Perhaps you feel the same way? Tell a friend! Tell us, please leave a comment below. Or if you’ve received packaging with “mokol” on it, tell us what you think…

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